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Experience the Convenience of Having a Professional Prepare Your Individual Taxes

Individual Taxes

Tax matters of El Paso, Tx, provides you with the personalized assistance you need and the professionalism you deserve

Tax season is here, but you don’t have to stress out. Our professional tax experts can take care of your tax preparation needs. We are experts in tax laws, exemptions, credits, deductions, and so much more. We know that just organizing a year’s worth of paperwork might be a headache, much less, trying to e-file on your own. Instead of trying to navigate through all the forms and information, trust one of our experts to get your individual tax return done for you. The work we provide is accurate, thorough, and timely. Not only do we provide convenience, but we also use our expertise to get you the maximum refund possible. Not only that, we can handle the job in half the time it might take you to file on your own. Instead of enduring the headache, let us handle your individual taxes.

Tax Matters Processes More than Just Tax Refunds

We provide several other services in addition:

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Filing
  • Estate and Income Taxes

We know that tax service is a year-long process for some taxpayers. Your estate and income taxes might be more than you can manage in a few months. For that reason, we offer tax planning all year long. We can get you on track to have a firm system to follow for income tax prep in the years to come.

Instead of trying to handle your individual tax prep alone, or going to several different companies for different services, you can get it all done with Tax Matters. Our professionals will take care of all the paperwork, tax planning, prep, and filing so that you can focus on your family and career. Leave the tough stuff to us. We can get you on the right track for your 2017 tax return with tax planning.

No job is too small or big for us. We are a locally owned business and have been serving El Paso since 1988. We can provide the same services that a large company gives with a more personal touch. Every customer that walks through our door will receive thorough and personalized service. Our biggest goal is to offer accurate, timely service so that you can have peace of mind. For this reason we have faithful clients that return year after year. If you want to join our group of satisfied customers, contact us today!

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